Prado Transmission & Engine General Repair "The people’s choice"

Guarantee for one year or 12,000 miles.
Prado Transmission Guarantee you back on the road in no time, and the place where you can save money.

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional value, competitive prices, and satisfaction to all our customers.

"We also offer used parts at your choice."


You will make the best judge of our work.

• Transmission rebuild, all make and model
• Electric car work
• CV axles
• Clutch services
• Heater core
• Radiators
• Timing Belts, Brakes & Shocks
• Chassis Lubrication
• Door Lubrication
• Wheel Bearings
• Window Replacement Electric & Manual
• Tune-ups
• Head Gaskets
• Tire repairs & used
• Computer Diagnostics
• Bumper Replacement
• Catalytic Converter
• Windshield motors
• Mirror Replacement
• Fan Clutch
• Thermostat
• Engine Mounts
• Steering Column Replacement,Ignition switch alternators & belts & much more…